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5 Best Basement Bathroom Ideas & Designs

Many people turn their basements into gyms, movie theatre rooms, playrooms, or wine cellars – these unique and different ideas and designs for basements significantly help homeowners increase their comfort and the sale value of their homes. Another way of doing so is by adding an extension of the house and installing an extra bedroom and bathroom in the basement.

If you are thinking about adding a bathroom to your basement and wondering what would be an excellent design for your basement bathroom, read along to find out some fantastic ideas and designs for your bathroom basement.

What Are Some Ways You Can Decorate Your Basement Bathroom?

Regardless of the type of bathroom a basement has – if it is a regular toilet or a macerated toilet, a proper renovation and decor will add a touch of elegance to your basement bathroom. Think about your flooring options, your colour palette and paint options, and the fabrics you want to use.

Here are some of the best basement bathroom ideas and designs for you to get inspiration from:

Invest in as Much Natural Light as You Can

Basements are often quite dark; therefore, it is vital that you make use of as much natural light as possible. You can also use other alternatives to make your bathroom basement brighter – add cold-lighted lamps to the mirrors, walls or ceiling. Walk-on roof lights are a great idea for ceiling lighting.

You can also have the flooring, ceilings and walls white and invest in light-coloured furniture to give the idea of brightness and openness in your basement bathroom.

Use Glass Doors in Your Shower

Investing in shower glass doors will give the impression that your bathroom basement is broader and brighter. If you combine the same colour for your walls and ceiling, a glass shower door will create a visual impression of continuity.

If you have a bathtub, you can leave it without glass doors or curtains – doing so will leave your basement bathroom with fewer divisions and give an impression of a more expansive space.

Add Wallpapers

If you have a spacious wall in your basement bathroom, adding floral or geometric wallpaper patterns might be a good idea. You can also add a mural or paint the wall a different colour.

Put Tiles in Your Shower

You can place tiles ceramic or marble inside your shower box or in your bath area for an elegant and chic look. Invest in small white bricks or big tiles of a more cream, beige or rose gold tone for more illumination.

Contrast Dark and Light Tones

Adding black, brown or grey tones can create a nice contrast and impact against the white of your basement bathroom. For instance, if you have white flooring, one of the walls can be navy blue, or your floor can have tiles of different colours while your shelves are dark.

The goal of contrasting colours is to add a more urban and modern style to your basement bathroom.

Add Nature Elements

A colour palette consisting of neutral, earthy tones can give your basement bathroom an extra touch of elegance. You can blend beige with cream, caramel, rose gold or light grey in your floors, ceiling and walls while adding wooden vanities, stone tiles, clay and perhaps some plants.

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Can you put a bathroom in the basement?

Absolutely – a bathroom is a great addition to a basement and can increase the sale value of a house.

How big should a bathroom be for a basement?

The size of a basement bathroom depends on the overall size of the basement. You can add a small toilet or have an entire bath area installed.

How do you make a basement bathroom brighter?

To make your basement bathroom brighter, consider having as much natural light as possible and add as many lamps as possible.