Basement Renovations Stouffville

We take care of all aspects of your basement Renovations project. We will work with you on the design, we will take care of demolition, delivery of materials, build, cleanup and garbage disposal. For years, we have been providing a cost effective and responsive basement renovations service in the Ajax area.

Professional Basement Renovations

What is involved in finishing a basement with a professional basement renovations company, and how long will it take? The following are most common aspects of a basement finishing project, which should take on average about 2 weeks for an average size home of 2,500 square feet. Larger basements will take longer, while smaller basements could be finished in about 7-10 business days

Basement Layout and Plans

Our interior design consultants will work with you to measure your basement, discuss your inspirations and your vision and will create a few detailed design options for your review

Budget and Estimates

When you are happy with the basement plans, we will present you with a detailed price quote for the entire project. You often hear that construction projects run over budget, to ensure that our clients pay exactly what they agreed to pay, we take great care in preparing accurate and detailed price estimate. You can use an estimating guide from to get a rough idea of the costs to finish a basement in the Greater Toronto Area

Basement Construction Start Date

We will set a start date that fits your schedule


If your basement project requires demolition, we will do that for you and will dispose of any and all waste

Construction Permits and Inspections

If you need our help in obtaining appropriate permits, we will assist you with permits and inspections

Quality Construction Materials

On the first date of the project all construction materials will be delivered to your site and stored in a safe location either in your basement or your garage

Basement Layout Chalk lining

Our site supervisor will do a walk through with you, discuss any site specifics and will them mark your basement floor with a chalk line before the start of framing

Framing, Electrical and Plumbing rough-ins

During framing, our electricians will run all the wiring and install electrical point rough-ins, and our plumbers will run PLEX water lines and drains

Drywall and Taping Basement Walls

Once the framing is complete, our drywall crew will install wall boards and then tape and plaster all joints, corners and bulk-heads

Basement Flooring and Tiling

Once drywall and taping work is complete, laminate and tile flooring will be installed

Basement Staircase

If finishing a staircase is part of the project, carpenter will install treads, nosing, pickets and railing

Basement Fireplace and Feature Walls

If your project includes a fireplace or a feature wall, stone veneer or a mantel will be installed

Trim and Decorative Mouldings

Once the flooring work is complete, doors, casings and various decorative moldings will be installed

Priming Walls and Cielings

Your basement is ready for painting. Our painting crews, will inspects the walls and repair any minor defects so that wall surfaces are smooth and ready for priming.
One or two coats of primer will be applied and once the primer is dry your walls and trim are ready to be painted in the colors you selected

Painting and Staining

Finally, the staircase will be stained and a coat of finish will be applied based with your selection of stain and finish

Installing Kitchens and Cabinetry

If your project includes a kitchen, bar or other cabinetry it will be installed before the final coat of paint is applied

Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures

Then all plumbing and electrical fixtures will be installed and our site supervisor will conduct a throughout walk-through with you to identify and mark any minor defects that are to be repaired

Final Basement Inspection and touch-ups

Final touch-ups is the final step in your basement finishing project and once completed, you are ready to enjoy your new living space!

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