Professional Basement Designs

High Tech Renovation understands the practical side of basement design: ensuring that our clients get a clear picture of their finished project that meets their needs and vision for the space. We include detailed 3D design renders at no cost to our clients. 3-dimensional basement designs help clients identify the most optimal layout that works best for the space and our clients needs.

Basement Design and Interior Layout

We understand that for many clients it is difficult to visualize what the final result will look like. A detailed basement design allows us to walk through a computerized model of the end result. It also helps the client to orient themselves to the change that will come about once the basement project is complete.

Free 3D Design Renders

Our basement design services are offered free as part of every basement project and are done by professional designers. Every design is customized for each client based on their needs, layout and complexity of the project. Computerized (CAD) basement design is used to provide a 3 dimensional perspective of the proposed basement finishing area.3D-FloorPlan-01